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Final Project

Preflection: I have decided to make a WordPress theme, because I will learn about php and databases in the process, even if I am not successful. In addition, I will be able to make more alterations with other themes in the future by learning, building, and designing in WordPress. I […]

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Responsive HTML

Take Aways Responsive HTML gives designers more control over design decisions, making web content more accessible and usable for viewers. Since so many people surf the web using their handheld devices, responsive design is crucial for positive user experience. By adjusting your web window to the smallest width, you can […]

WordPress Project: Unit 2 Overview

Summary As a whole, Unit 2 focused on becoming more familiar with WordPress. In the process of familiarizing myself with WordPress, I began designing with wireframes, transitioned my design into WordPress by changing a theme, and then dissected WordPress through the php, code editor, and phpMyAdmin database. As a result, […]

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